Application Form

We are delighted you are considering joining one of our Kambo Intensives. Please fill out this application form as completely and honestly as possible so we can determine if participating in the Intensive would be beneficial for you. The information you provide may be used to ensure your health and safety during the process.

Name *
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
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On which Monday do you want to start your Intensive? *
On which Monday do you want to start your Intensive?
Intensives start every Monday morning and end on Fridays.
Please check the box if you understand you must submit a non-refundable payment of 3900Q or $540 USD if your application is accepted in order to reserve your spot in the Intensive. *
Please check the box if you have read the entire website and are committed to completing the Intensive once you begin. *
Please carefully read the following statements and check the boxes if you fully understand, accept and agree to all the statements:

1. The Kambo Intensive I want to participate in is a spiritual ritual and NOT a substitute for medical treatments. Kambo is a sacred animal medicine and the purpose of this Intensive is spiritual and NOT medical.

2. The Kambo Intensive is NOT meant to heal a specific physical or mental disease. It is only meant to be a supplementary therapy to any professional medical treatments.

3. If I have any doubt about the potential incompatibility between the Kambo Intensive and my current medical treatment, I will consult my doctor.

4. Kambo is a natural unprocessed product.

5. By participating in the Intensive, I am consenting to small burns being applied to my skin.

6. I take responsibility for the messages received from the Kambo Spirit during and after the Intensive. I understand Kambo's effect is mirroring what I need to see and understand about myself.

7. The objective of the Kambo Intensive is to bring about a clear and positive mind, humility, happiness, discipline, calmness and responsibility in my everyday life and to help transform negative energies like fear, negative thinking and resistance.

8. The secretion of Kambo is a poison, but doesn’t act as such for the human body. The secretion doesn’t enter the body, but interacts with the lymphatic system and stimulates some brain receptors. I am aware the healing I will receive is the body healing itself. *
By checking the box below and submitting this application form, I agree to take full medical and legal responsibility for any and all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual results stemming from my participation in the Kambo Intensive. *